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latest news

January 14, 2005
Happy New Year! Wow, it's been a long time since anything new has happened here at First Lot Music. We're still here, working on and off with some potential new projects and new artists. We don't have anything firm, yet, but hopefully things will work out and we'll have some new music posted soon. We've also moved our administrative offices to Vernon Hills, Illinois, so check out our new mailing address on the contacts page. Thanks!

November 19, 2003
Brand new clips from Tiffany Wong's record have been uploaded to the site. Short mp3 files have been added from five of the seven tracks on Just Another Girl, which gives you all a little taste of Tiffany's sound. Check out her music page to sample the tracks, and let us know what you think!

November 18, 2003
Tiffany Wong's debut album, Just Another Girl, is now officially available! More information about Tiffany can be found through our artists page, as well as all the lyrics to the seven tracks on the new CD. Online ordering information and audio clips will be coming soon, so check back here often for updates!

September 22, 2003
The demo release for Tiffany Wong has been moved back a month. Principal recording is complete, but the editing and mixing process is taking a bit longer than originally anticipated. Thanks to all Tiff's fans for waiting patiently...you won't be disappointed!

April 19, 2003
FLM Studios is up and running, now currently dedicated to a new project. The forthcoming record, currently untitled, will be the first demo release from a new First Lot Music artist. Details about the artist will find its way to the website as the clock ticks closer to release date (tentatively September 22, 2003). Stay tuned for more information!

February 08, 2003
Firstlotmusic.com has undergone some infrastructure changes in the past week. Along with switching to a new web hosting service, the NSCCC Music Ministry Team site has been retired. Thanks to all who have faithfully supported the ministry.

October 07, 2002
The website for First Lot Music has been re-birthed and re-launched. Thanks to Rose Nieh, who sacrificed her time and energy despite working three jobs and crazy hours, firstlotmusic.com has a brand new look and feel. Bet you thought we'd never get around to it, huh?

May 30, 2002
"Home as One" is now available online! The Eutychus Falling disc can be ordered for $5.00 plus shipping and handling at www.cdstreet.com/artists/firstlotmusic/. CDstreet.com is a great resource for independent musicians and record labels looking for a safe and secure way to sell merchandise. Audio clips are available on the site, so tell all your friends to check it out and pick up a copy of "Home as One".

March 07, 2002
Eutychus Falling announces the release of their debut CD-single, "Home as One". The four-track disc features a wedding song that speaks of commitment in following the lead of God. The title track was written by E.F. front-man Joey for his own sister Karen's wedding in the autumn of 2000, and has finally found its way to a published record. The disc is a great introduction to the band's acoustic guitar driven songs of encouragement and worship.