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when we started

The company was formed in the summer of 2000. Other significant and noteworthy (and randomly selected) events that occurred during this particular summer include:

  • The Summer Olympics were held from September 15 to October 1 in Sydney, Australia, with the United States earning 97 medals and Russia taking home 88 medals. The host country won 58 medals, just one medal short of Chinaís total.

  • Veteran actor Walter Matthau passed away in July at the age of 79. Star of both stage and screen, he is perhaps best known for his breakthrough Broadway performance in The Odd Couple (1965). Matthau also won a Best Supporting Actor Oscar Award for his role in The Fortune Cookie (1967).

  • Britainís Queen Mother, Elizabeth, celebrated her 100th birthday on August 4.

  • Wildfires raged throughout the western United States (including parts of Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, and New Mexico), destroying almost a half million acres of land. Federal officials estimated the cost of fighting the fires to exceed $1 billion.

  • The "I love you" computer virus crashes e-mail systems and destroys data on hundreds of thousands of computers worldwide.

  • Mexico and Taiwan elect new presidents, ending long ruling periods for the incumbent parties in each country. Seventy-one years of power by the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) in Mexico came to an end as Vincente Fox Quesada, a member of the National Action Party, was elected to office. In Taiwan, the inauguration of Democratic Progressive Party candidate Chen Shui-bian marked the end of half a century of government by the Nationalist Party that fled China during the Communist Revolution.

  • In a heated contract dispute with Disney, the parent company of ABC, Time Warner Cable blacks out ABC from 3.5 million households just as the May sweeps period starts.